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Why you need to see Alien: Covenant more than once!

Why you need to see Alien: Covenant more than once!

**Warning: spoilers below**

Alien: Covenant took horror movie to the next level. It felt like the actors were acting in a live scene in which they were not aware of what was truly going to happen next. This ended up being true after I read an article that Ridley Scott only shot one take for many of the scenes especially those with the androids.

Ridley Scott was able to build the characters and their persona in the short amount of time they were alive. The ship was carrying 2000 passengers and a lot of embryos to colonize a distant planet. This Noah’s Ark mission goes wrong when passengers are awoken by a distress signal. Within the first ten minutes of the movie one of the passengers is killed by their exploding cryogenic sleep pod. Of course, this being a Ridley Scott movie, there is no such thing as a perfectly planned mission. At least in this Alien movie the characters had weapons to defend themselves, sort of. They land on a closer planet that they do not know much about. Everything goes wrong and scare starts.

Once arriving to the planet (where the distress signal was pinging from) the mission begins. The horror and unexpected started as soon as a crew member stepped off the ship and onto spores on the ground. It was at that point that my brain began to spin, will a chestburster come out of his body, will he turn into an alien, did the spores even make it inside him?

Critics have said that the film was too much gore. It had just the right amount scare and story. There a lot of moments of death throughout the movie but that only intensified the scary moments. The story followed the larger Alien timeline. The movies tied together after seeing David and possibly Dr Shaw?


I’ll stop spoiling the movie…

Yes, I jumped. Yes, I was scared. And yes, I want to see it again.

I would highly recommend Alien: Covenant.

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