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Why I’m SUPER Excited About Hearthstone Update – June 1

Why I’m SUPER Excited About Hearthstone Update – June 1

I’ve been reading about this update for over a month and couldn’t wait to download it.

The most exciting new features:

  • Sharing Decks – we can now copy and import a deck from an online site. No more screenshotting a deck, flipping between apps or trying to memorize the cards to build a deck. This will save me so much time and aggravation.



  • Friend Challenge – YESSS!!! As soon as it finished updating I invited my friend to duel it out. It works! It wi300px-Duels_-_challenge_pre-50012574.jpgll definitely allow me to complete quests much faster than when I have to search for a random opponent. Some random opponents make me wait until the end of the rope while others have the best RNG. Finally with a friendly duel I can complete quests without the frustration.


  • Searching Made Easy – The new search allows my forgetful brain to easily find a card. Now if I just remember the attack or the health of a card I can search “attack:1” or “health:1” and BAM the results will populate depending on my D5VKX0XM5KA11458099649662character selection.

Of course there were a ton other (what I consider) minor patches such as bug fixes on cards and game play, new game boards and a new card back.

Tell me what you’re SUPER excited about in Hearthstone 8.2.19371/ Hearthstone June 1.

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