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The Ultimate Disappointment: Movies 2017

The Ultimate Disappointment: Movies 2017

Recently I’ve had feelings of disappointment in the films being released this spring/summer. My summer is usually spent going to open nights of Marvel movies, remakes of classics or sequels. This Spring was a huge let down and this summer is not looking much better.

Ghost in the Shell
Although it was only rated 45% by Rotten Tomatoes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job playing the role of robot assassin.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
Randomly funny but mostly boring.

Alien: Covenant
AWESOME!! (see full post here)

Wonder Woman
Have yet to see because from the original trailer I was not interested. There has been a lot of gushing reviews about the film. Also not a fan of DC comics but I am open minded to the movie being filled with action and a good story. (see full post here)

Spider-Man: Homecoming
From the trailer, I am not a huge fan of Tom Holland’s acting as Peter Parker and only seems “okay” as Spider-Man. – We will see. – (see full post here)

Let me know which movies you’re most excited about this summer.

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