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Is the Xbox One X Worth $500?

Is the Xbox One X Worth $500?

As a “Day One” adopter of the Xbox One and a fan of the Xbox 360, I’ve been waiting for a major upgrade, although it did take Microsoft EIGHT years to upgrade from the 360 to the One.


Below is a side by side of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X:

xbox one x vs xbox one s.jpeg

The biggest difference being the immersive 4k gaming. To fully see the difference I watched the clips below. Sure Forza is racing game but wow the graphics are highly detailed in Forza Horizon 7. From the detailed rocks in Dubai to the vibrating windshield wiper, I was surprised by the attention to detail 4k allows.


Thus far the game that looks the most immersive is Anthem. From the leaves moving when the “robots” walk to the storm throwing branches that you can clearly see to finally an under water world. The graphics make me feel as though I am one of the characters in the game and almost caused motion sickness just from watching game play.


The good news is that if you don’t own a 4K TV you do not need to purchase one (at least not right away). You will still be able to have better graphics streaming on a TV than your current Xbox offers. They will crunch the eight million pixels into 1080p rendering a higher quality picture than your normal 1080p graphics.

Which new feature of Xbox One X are you most excited about?

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