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A Waste of Two and a Half Hours: Wonder Woman

A Waste of Two and a Half Hours: Wonder Woman

Let me start off by telling you that I am a woman and I have nothing against women being the superhero. A couple of my favorite superheroes are women including Rogue and Phoenix (Jean Grey) (they would both kick Wonder Woman’s butt)!


I’ve never been a huge fan of DC films. Suicide Squad was crap and was only bearable to watch because of Harley Quinn. Batman V Superman was one of the worse movies I’ve seen in theaters. There wasn’t a main focus and the movie felt like it had ended three times. When I originally saw the trailer for Wonder Woman I swore it off saying there was no way I was going to waste my time on this movie. Three weeks later all my friends and the critics are ranting about how amazing it is and it is a must see. Fine. After three weekends of trying to see it and the theater being sold out, this Saturday morning I head to the theater open-minded to this possibly being awesome.

The contrary. It started off okay. Diana (in the present) flashed to the past after receiving a picture from Bruce Wayne. Her childhood was predictable for a fighter and the story was just plain boring. Here is a stubborn girl who lives on an island with only women and  wants to learn how to fight. She has some special ability that her mom won’t tell her about and discovers later on during a fight. All of sudden out of the sky (literally) a man falls out of a plane and into the water. Convenient that Diana (Wonder Woman) was standing there waiting to save this random man. Fast forward a little and a small war breaks on out the island and Diana feels compelled to leave her home to save the human race from Aries (the G-d of War). Lost in a new world (London), confused by conformities the random man (Steve) helps her blend in. Steve gathers a few friends (including a man who volunteers to help) and they set off to battle and to find and kill Aries.

This is where the movie goes downhill.

Since when do superheroes never have dirt or a scratch on them during battle. A building fell on Wonder Woman and yet her make-up and hair looked like she just walked out of the salon. I think of movies like Captain of America or anything in MCU and we see Iron Man bleed, Wolverine have massive wounds and Professor X die. The only time you saw blood on Wonder Woman was when she inexplicably takes a cut on the arm during the small battle on the island. Other than that she is completely unharmed especially during her battle with the G-D OF WAR!
She was invincible and had no kryptonite. The one thing I love about comic book characters is being able to relate to their humanity.
Lastly, the special effects were disastrous. I saw the movie in XD (crazy large screen and loud speakers) and I’m glad I didn’t see it in 3D. Technology has improved and this movie transported me back to the late 90s in terms of special effects. It didn’t look real when she was flying in the air or when she was using her rope. It looked like a digital mess.
The beginning, predictable.
The bad guy, predictable.
The boring scenes, predictable.
The entire movie, predictable.
I’m not expecting to make any friends with this post but I am trying to understand the high ratings it received.
Have you seen the movie? What’s your take?

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