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Finally: A Much Needed Pokemon Go Update

Finally: A Much Needed Pokemon Go Update


After almost a year of existence and days of the gyms being down, I’ve been highly anticipating the Pokemon Go update. 

New features: 

  • Gym: Motivation feature 
    • Motivation is a new stat that Pokemon have in the gym. You can help knock down their CP and ultimately aid in winning the gym. Waiting to hear if the trainer has an incentive to help bring down Pokemon CP in the gyms.
  • Gym: Raising Spirits
    • Feeding your hurt Pokemon in the gym will raise their spirits aka CP.
  • New PokeStops
    • Gyms now have a built in PokeStop. There is a new visual indicator to any unvisited PokeStops.
  • Raid Battles
    • This is a new cooperative gameplay experience. There are definitely incentives to completing raids. Four new items (Golden Razz Berries, Fast and Charged TM, and Rare Candy) can only be obtained by completing Raid Battles.
    • Occurs when a Boss Pokemon takes over a gym. The increased difficulty of the Boss indicates the need for more people to help in the battle.
    • You can find raids by using your nearby feature. There will be an egg on top of the gym that will countdown to the beginning of the battle. raid_nearby_EN
    • You have an hour to beat the boss and during this time trainers can join for a max of 20 trainers. In order to join you need to gain a raid pass which can be found at the gyms or purchased at the store. The good thing is you can flee the battle to heal your Pokemon and join back (within the hour) without another Raid Pass.
    • The same three types of attack that existed for gym battles previously  re the same you can use for Raid Battles. This includes Charge, Fast Attack and Dodge.
    • If you defeat the boss you will receive premium balls to attempt to catch the Boss! I wonder how much CP the Boss Pokemonwillhave once caught.



What are you most excited about for the new Pokemon Go update? 

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