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Don’t Miss Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Bundles

Don’t Miss Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Bundles

Originally disappointed by the Nintendo Switch because of the lack of popular games that were released with the console in March. Since the release, like all recent Nintendo products, it has been difficult to find. If you are able to find the Switch it is because it is being sold overpriced by a third party seller on Amazon or eBay. Every time I go to Target or Walmart, I never casually find a Switch sitting on the shelf.


ThinkGeek is now selling (pre-order) Nintendo Switch Bundles with cool Zelda collectible items and purchases are limited to 1 per person. This makes me happy because there seems to be scalpers still on the look out for the Nintendo products.

Finally, Nintendo Switch has released Zelda which almost makes it worth buying it (if you can find it for $300 or are willing to pay more for a bundle).

The Zelda bundles are exclusive to ThinkGeek . I am curious how collectible these Zelda items will end up being. The bundles range from  $419.99 – $609.99 which breaks down to roughly $120 – $310 being the extra that comes with the Nintendo Switch. All the bundles include Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game to play on the switch. The collectible items range from toys, a watch, a shield, sketchbooks, Legend of Zelda books, a lamp, a puzzle, a shadow box and a very large oil canvas. With so many different options and not having the ability to customize the bundle, it can be a tough choice of which bundle to purchase. And not knowing if they are a good investment may make you think twice if you are a casual gamer.

I am praying that the SNES will not have as many supply issues as NES Mini and the Switch.


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