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My Spidey Sense Was Wrong… Go See Spider-Man: Homecoming

My Spidey Sense Was Wrong… Go See Spider-Man: Homecoming

I’ll admit, I was wrong , the trailers looked terrible for Spider-Man: Homecoming. I didn’t think I would like Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker. Depending on how far you go back, the Spider-Man movie has been remade EIGHT times with most of them being made in the past two decades. This ridiculous amount made me think “this is just another Spider-Man movie”.


The story is easy to follow and makes sense throughout the film. It starts where we left off with Spider-Man battling in Captain America: Civil War. At the end of the battle Stark drops him off at his apartment and says he will call if there is another mission. With no missions for over two months, Spider-Man’s impatience leads him to trying to save the world without Stark’s direction. This ends with him almost drowning and Stark saving him. The impatient teenager removes the tracking device from his suit and works on missions with his best friend Ned. Eventually trouble happens, Stark saves the day and Spider-Man’s high tech suit is revoked.┬áThe climax of the movie is unpredictable, I had no idea! I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say woah!! WHAT?! The movie ends with him saving the “world” from evil alien technology.

I am loving the comedy integration into Sony/Marvel films. They are embedding short laughable moments throughout their films including Deadpool and Antman and now Spider-Man. Laughing throughout parts of the movie makes you feel part of the action happening on screen. The characters become relatable.


Jacob Balatan, who plays Ned, aka Peter Parker’s best friend, plays the role of man who sits at the computer. He is that annoying friend that can’t stop asking who, what, when, why and yet still manages to make everyone laugh. He’s a nerdy teenager that will say random inappropriate words at the wrong time.

I did like that his high school love interest is lessened this movie and it really focuses on his best friend and him as a character. Peter Parker truly grows into the role as Spider-Man throughout the film. He is clumsy while using his suit and awkward as a 15 year old nerd in school.


Sure, the movie is different than the original comic but that’s Hollywood creativity bending the story and loosely basing it off the original series. Homecoming is supposed to take place post high school graduation. This annoyed me because it doesn’t feel sequential to the other movies. Also, Aunt May’s depiction is far from the comic book drawings. In the comic she has gray hair and is a bit hunched like a typical old lady. In the movie she was portrayed as a young Aunt May. Lastly, a major difference is the suit! In the comic book Spider-Man wears a full black suit. The current movie Spider-Man: Homecoming is instead based on pieces of many of the comic book tales.

MCU has a way of integrating all aspects of their universe. The continuity throughout is spot on. From Easter eggs in the background of scenes to the Chitauri technology Spider-Man felt completely integrated in the Marvel Universe! This opposes how I felt about Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 feeling like it had little to no connection to other movies or characters throughout the universe.

This is Spider-Man’s first movie in the MCU and I am looking forward to many more! Although I am not used to him appearing in the MCU, I can most definitely get used to it.

What did you enjoy most about this movie?

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