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Forget Destiny, Play Destiny 2!

Forget Destiny, Play Destiny 2!

Destiny was the Beta version for Destiny 2. I quit Destiny shortly after The Taken King (October 2015) and had already dedicated 646 hours to killing internet dragons. I was a day one adopter, so much so I spent the night before the launch at a Microsoft Store awaiting the midnight release.

The beginning of Destiny 2 was fun, it scrolled through all my milestone memories. I was so excited to see my characters from Destiny there! 

What has changed? Why did I choose to play Destiny 2? 

First, I do not plan on investing many more hours into Destiny 2 on Xbox One. Instead I cannot wait for the release on PC! I love BLIZZARD games and couldn’t be more excited that is hosting the game.

Second, they changed how to obtain good loot. Now, that’s not to say I enjoy farming public events but it’s much better than being forced to complete the raid to obtain exotics. The engrams that drop from the public events are abundant (although I think they recently nerfed this).

What I’m not liking: 

The leveling system! HOLY CRAP it is so frustrating, requires math, glimmer and legendary shards. I am stuck at 289 and the loot dropping is ten levels lower except for the exotics being exactly my current level.

RNG sucks. I receive multiples of the same exotics and not much higher. I’m not receiving exotic boots which is killing my level and preventing me from reaching 290.

In about 90 hours, I was able to obtain level 289, complete the story, two nightfalls, the beginning of the raid, lots of exotics, milestones, strikes, crucibles and about 150-200 public events on multiple planets.

IT CRASHES!? THEIR SERVERS ARE TERRIBLE! Beaver, lettuce, bee, sheep, cabbage and more random crash names that I don’t care to remember. It’s slow to load and when you change from one zone to the next on the same planet you change servers and end up with different players or no players. They put you in public events alone which makes them nearly impossible to complete as a heroic.

What do you think!? How are you liking Destiny 2? 

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